A hydraulic fracturing operation shown during a sunset. 

Providing best-in-class unconventional completion services for North America land, OneStim was formed as a continuation of Schlumberger’s experience in evolving low-volume, discrete, and decentralized projects into high-volume, high-efficiency, and highly integrated operations.

The late 2017 acquisition of Weatherford pressure pumping assets and its pumpdown perforating business gave OneStim more capacity to expand its services to a broader customer base. In measurable terms, the acquisition translated to 3.5 million hp capacity and PDP services that could serve 100% of OneStim fleets.

By integrating not only hydraulic fracturing and PDP, but also its other business lines (multistage completions, sand mining, logistics, and land-based coiled tubing) through one centralized management structure, OneStim brings systematic efficiency and consistent stimulation effectiveness to any unconventional play.

Projects are coordinated at one location, with real-time data guiding logistical decisions to streamline operations. In addition, OneStim's maintenance facility monitors equipment 24/7 to anticipate failure and schedule preventative maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime on the job site.