We work with you and with our suppliers to remove the bottlenecks from traditional well completion workflows. Streamlining the completion-to-production cycle saves you money and enables consistent delivery of every well according to plan.

Improve efficiency with centralized operation planning

Employees managing the logistics around fracturing operations.  

We manage every detail of your project in a state-of-the-art facility that uses digital solutions, including mobile logistics tracking, to improve service efficiency, reduce your risks, and improve your productivity. Real-time data sent through the cloud helps coordinate people, products, and equipment to ensure every job is as efficient as possible. Integrating more services increases efficiency, but even individual services are more efficient with central planning.

Reduce downtime with real-time maintenance

1.9X increase in frat pump MTBMWell-maintained equipment gives us the agility to quickly respond to your needs. We arrive at your job site with the most reliable equipment, and continually monitor its performance. The equipment performance data is transmitted to a central monitoring center, where domain experts can analyze the data and alert field personnel to perform preventive maintenance when needed. This proactive approach prevents untimely equipment failures and reduces downtime, improving efficiency on your jobs.

Suit your economic requirements with flexible business models

At the core of our approach are highly adaptable business models that align to your goals. Whether you have been working in the unconventional North American plays for decades or you are new to this high-volume, high-efficiency market, our flexibility helps you maximize returns, no matter what scale of operations or basin. We want to help you improve your efficiency and production performance, whether you need a few discrete services or full-field developments integrating multiple service lines.

OneStim can also provide multiple services or the whole spectrum of services. Our strength is in our ability to adapt to your needs.

†MeanTime Between Maintenance